Bitcoin Ascension With Ivan Mircic

Posted on 12-6-2017 at 6:51 PM by julzanna

At Bitcoin Ascension our tireless leader Ivan Mircic & his partner Tom Kent work round the clock to bring you a program that cycles on auto-pilot. These guys are moving people through the system by buying levels under the team to boost everyone through to make sure that this Xmas we will all achieve a prosperity second to none. Just awesome to be a part of this incredible structure.

Curious to find out more where dedicated admin interact with their members 24/7 something thats very rare then this program was built for you. We use one link only and all you have to do is advertise our one link where ever you can. You are capable of winning free positions in the mini cycler and advertising tools are readily available.

Joining Bitcoin Ascension is so basic but packs a powerful punch when it comes to building a bitcoin nest egg and you have the ability to do just that. Stock pile your bitcoin wallet for a low 0.004 btc.

Come check our facebook group out to see all the proof of members sharing their payment details where some are cycling on the day they've joined, the movement is mind blowing. Lets meet in fastest moving matrix online. I'm Julz Ann would love to meet you.

Click on the link below to get started immediately as Ivan Mircic & Tom Kent get set to open 100 accounts each to boost members through to the Power Team Matrix. "GET IN NOW"

Your Online Friend

Julz Ann Paekau

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