The BitMakers go and do it again!

Posted on 11-12-2017 at 11:09 AM by Soinma67

Hi friend

This is the first time in Matrix history that this has been done.
A Programme with a Money Back Guarantee! Yes, you heard right... A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Don’t ever be afraid of losing your money again. This 100% Automated Team Forced 2x3 Matrix is the first of it’s kind where no one will lose their seed money. 
After 45 days of joining - if you have not earned your seed money back, you have the right to claim it back! If you choose to do this it will be an instant withdraw paid directly to your wallet. However, should you do this then your account will be disabled and you will no longer earn from the system.

One time payment of only 0.003 Bitcoin per position.

Total payout per position that cycles the 3 levels 0.129 Bitcoin.

Multiple Accounts are allowed.

No Admin Fees.

No Monthly Fees.

6 Re-entry positions placed into the system when you cycle level 3.

Earn Bitcoin over and over again with your one time payment!

Want to secure your spot right now? Then here is the link:

Sonia Mason

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