From Paula - Launched - Passive Mo,ney A,ds

Posted on 6-30-2020 at 7:54 PM by paulafrye

From Paula - Launched - Passive Mo,ney A,ds

Brand new a,dvertising com,pany will share their re,venue WITH YOU.

Powerful a,dvertising platform.

Huge pro,fit sharing system.

Awesome com,mission plan - get p,aid on everything.

Easy and passive - anyone can do this.

4 awesome sources of in,come they share with ALL mem,bers.  

80 percent - of their main site in,come.

90 percent - of all external in,come.

60 percent - of all a,dvertising rev,enue.

10 percent - of all network a,dvertising rev,enue.

PLUS they p,ay you really nice com,missions on top of

everything listed above.

I hope to see you there.


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