My Birthday Surprise

Posted on 6-27-2020 at 5:10 PM by davegardner

Tomorrow...June 28 depending on when you open this email is my 45th birthday!

I don't feel that old...well most of my body doesn't lol and definitely not my mind as I am always keeping it fresh with new content and things that are motivating.

As a full time HS teacher being around younger kids and having three teenage daughters myself I believe that helps keep me in tune with what a lot of younger kids are doing, listening to, wearing etc so it keeps me feeling younger overall.

The fact of the matter though is I have likely lived half or more than than half of my life...and while I am not planning on going anywhere soon you have to consider the future and what is to come.

Right now, June 2020 we are in the midst of one of the craziest things I have experienced in my 45 years on the planet and while there are theories, stories, he said/she said type things going on, when it comes down to it the only one we truly can bank on for our future success and financial support is...

...Yep, hopefully you guessed it.  YOURSELF!

YOU are in charge.

It is YOU who decides to sit around and waste time all day or take massive action towards building a business that can help your situation.

Maybe it's enough to cover the car payment.

Maybe it's enough to pay the rent or mortgage.

Maybe it's enough to play for dance lessons.

Maybe it's enough for a special date night (now that some places are open again!)

Maybe it's enough to help out a child with their college education.

Maybe it's all of the above you are working to take care of and not have to worry about on a day to day basis.

Only YOU know your full struggles as well as your true ability to work towards a goal and see it through.

Remember, nothing ever gets done by quitting.

You gotta be in it to win it!

If you have not created your account yet, take that first step today and then once you are in...GET ALL IN!

The best way to see massive success is to get all in.

Think about the lawn guy.

He doesn't just buy a lawn mower and then walk from door to door pushing only that and ask to mow your lawn (now the 10 year old down the street might though)

The lawn mower who wants to run a true business is going to do the following:

1) Invest in the right tools like a lawnmower, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, gas cans

2) Purchase a truck AND a trailer to bring those tools around

3) Pay for advertising to get his or her name out there

They get in and GET ALL IN!

If you want to run a true lifestyle business from anywhere there is internet access, and want to see the best results, then you to need to do the same.

My highest recommendation would be coming in at Platinum which qualifies you for commissions on all levels (3 Steps for Profits, Gold, Platinum...and Enterprise) and also become a Reseller...

...Once you in the member area I would also recommend you upgrading to the Now Academy which is a ONE time purchase and also qualifies you for commissions on that product level.

Now just like the lawn mower is an investment that you should NOT expect to break even on in one week, one month or maybe many months.

Can it happen that fast...surely if you take the right steps that we teach.

Heck maybe you can even do the marketing and website/capture page creation for your local lawn mower and charge him a fee that helps cover a lot of your expenses.

As I know it's a serious step, for my birthday I want to suprise you with some serious bonuses when you upgrade and join as a Platinum Reseller AND Upgrade to the Now Academy.

You can see those details here:

Don't worry...even if you come in at Gold Reseller I will hook you up with some nice bonuses!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner


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