No Joke...Just $0.40/day to build your business!

Posted on 6-25-2020 at 3:33 PM by davegardner

I am super excited that Joel launched an entry level spot for people looking to grow their business and build their leads list.

It has three key steps once you have created a free account

1) Join our awesome FB group of like minded individuals

2) Choose your marketing package

3) Promote your links (Free methods like social media/blog/Youtube or Paid methods like solo ads or similar)

For just $149 ($0.40) a day you can start generating your leads list and promote anything you want to those leads...I would recommend the system itself as it pays you 50% commissions direct and also a 25% matching check bonus if those people sponsor others.

Refer just TWO people and your account is basically covered for the year which is powerful.

Refer a third (or have one of your referrals also duplicating) and you are into profit.

Hence 3 Steps for Profits...Create your free account here now!

NOTE If you would rather have greater options for MORE marketing tools and commissions potential then please come view my recent blog post where I break down the entry level 3 Steps funnel and compare it to the full on Now Lifestyle suite of tools that work for any niche or business.

As always I am here if you have questions though as they always have to be in it to win it!

Success will not come have to invest into your business and into your self to make it happen!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner


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