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Posted on 3-27-2020 at 11:23 PM by davegardner

TGIF...though then again if you are home and quarantined it has basically been like a continuous weekend for you.

I hope things are well and your position with the job you have is in good standing...I know there is a lot of uncertainty out there with what is going on and I feel for those who have shut down.

Even my girlfriend who works in the dental field is basically out of work now as they are closed (with the exceptions of any emergency cases).

Being able to come out of this strong is my hope for everyone and having the right things in place and the right strategies to grow will help you immensely when this all settles down.

So because of all of this, I have a quick question...

Did you grab your copy of Traffic Secrets yet?  This is the new book by Russell Brunson and he wants to give it to your free (he just asks you cover the shipping of $9.95 anywhere in the US as it sells for $24.95 on Amazon).

This book shares the best strategies that he has used for many years to build one of the biggest platforms that is used by thousands around the world.

Just one of Russell's 'Secrets' in there might be the one that starts getting more people to your business or to follow you and want to know more about what you offer and can share with them.

I want to be totally up front with you.

I like winning.

Yes, that is the truth of the matter...I want to win the game of marketing just like many are trying to win the game of life and good health right now.

I am taking the proper precautions as recommended and I hope you are as well and I am busting my butt from home right now during this quarantine because I want all of us to come out successful through all of this.

You know what I might even like more than winning though?

Seeing my teammates, players, clients and students win.

That is what it really comes down to...the success of all.

Russell does not hold onto all of his strategies of getting traffic to his sales.  Instead he wants all of us to be successful as well.


Right now you can take his offer AND get some super cool bonuses from me as well...If you ordered the book already from someone else, at least take a look and consider grabbing a second copy through me as well just for the bonuses (then you can give the second book away to a business partner, friend or local business).


1) My lifetime collection of traffic notes from the courses I have invested in for over 10 years (We are talking big bucks there)

2) Silver level access to the "Traffic Generation Club" membership

3) Review of your website/funnel/product and recommendation of how to grow it

4) A Vacation stay (to use once all settles down of course) at one of over 50 locations around the world (Note: You are responsible for travel to/from location, food/beverages and daily hotel/government taxes while I cover the Hotel stay which is valued at up to $1500)

That is just for $9.95 to cover the shipping of a hard cover book.

It's marketing education that can last you a lifetime and start to help take care of your family while your business or job might be in jeopardy.

While jobs and come and go...no one can ever take away your knowledge!

Go grab your book here now:


To YOU coming out on top of all of this in 2020.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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