Seeking Leaders to Join Our Crowd-Funded Internet Marketing Solutions Company

Posted on 3-25-2020 at 2:39 PM by mikejanthony

I am looking for visionary leaders to join us in the world's first crowd-funded Artificial Intelligence technology based internet marketing solutions company.

Our world-wide tech company is called ONPASSIVE, and it is still in development.  

It has not yet launched to the masses, which is why I am looking for leaders, or who we are currently calling, "Founders", who have vision and want to be involved in the future with a TOP position with our company.


This is not just another online "program".  This is a real company with real employees and all.

Real companies have REAL products. 

Google's #1 product is its Search Engine, which billions of people around the world use, followed by its Adwords and Adsense advertising platforms.  

Google has other products too, such as YouTube, Gmail, etc...

Amazon...well, all they do is sell all kinds of products online.  Amazon is a worldwide online marketplace, which I am very fond of by the way.

Our new company, ONPASSIVE, also has many unique, proprietary products which are being developed IN-HOUSE.

Many of the illegal "programs" you hear about, or may have even been unknowingly involved in yourself, do not have any products whatsoever.

These are your typical "ponzi" and "recruitment" scams which claim to pay you lots of money, but not from sales of products sold.  

NO, they pay you from money that was received from other people who paid to join the program before you.

Referral commissions from the sale of products are perfectly legal, except if you received them from the recruitment of others where no product was sold. Then that would be illegal.

That's why we at ONPASSIVE do not receive commissions from referring other Founders.  

So I am not looking for anyone to join us because I get paid any kind of commission.   I do not.  

I am looking for leaders to join us because I truly believe in this project and want to help as many people as I can realize their dreams, as well as my own.  

However, we are legally allowed to crowd-fund a product, or project, or service we believe in with the risk of our own funds.

That is what we Founders are doing with ONPASSIVE right now.  

This brings me to another important point: Crowd-Funding...

According to the Oxnard Dictionary, crowdfunding is:

The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. "musicians, filmmakers, and artists have successfully raised funds and fostered awareness through crowdfunding"

That's exactly what we are doing as Founders right now.  

Case in point: There is an online space trading and combat game, called Star Citizen, which has brought in over $250 Million since 2011, just from everyday people who want to see the game developed.  

No big name publishing, development, or marketing firms are involved.  

The developers are everyday people with full-time jobs, or used to have full-time jobs, using their professional skills to continue to develop the game.  

Where does the money come from? Anyone who is interested in playing the game and sends in a donation, that's who!  

Read that one part again: over $250 Million has been brought in over the last 9 years! That's a lot of people!

So if you think a big company can't be crowd-created like this, THINK AGAIN!

We live in the age of technology! Not only is it currently being done, it HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE!

Wikipedia says:

Since 2015, over $34 BILLION was raised worldwide by crowdfunding.

This figure has risen ever since.  This is why one of the products you will have access to, as a Founder with ONPASSIVE, is your own Crowd-funding Platform.  

In the same fashion as the Star Citizen crowd-funded online game that I mentioned above, WE are crowd-funding, and crowd-developing, our own worldwide technology-based internet marketing company that will have a hand in many things such as...

- Online Marketing (Like Google)

- E-Commerce (Like Amazon)

- Advertising (Like Google and Amazon)

- Retail (Like Amazon)

...and much more. 

We currently ALREADY have over 47,200 66,300 Founders worldwide in 212 countries.

If you've read this far, you are probably one of those with the vision to see something good through to the end..or to the beginning, in this case!

If you would like to find out more about this wonderful project, and hopefully join us as a Founder yourself, please visit:


Mike J Anthony
ONPASSIVE Global Founder

P.S. This is not for everyone. I am only looking for those with vision and leadership skills, and who want to be TOP leaders in their own co-owned company.

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