You Are Being Scammed Daily If You Have One of These (and most do)

Posted on 10-20-2019 at 1:06 PM by mikejanthony

WARNING! The following will be hard for some of you to read...

DO NOT fall for this age-old pyramid scheme!

Before you say "I would NEVER...", know that you are most likely

involved in one right freakin now!

Here's how it works---

---YOU work under a boss, who works under
a manager, who works under a CEO, who
works under a chairman, who works under an owner.

It is VERY difficult to move up in this *pyramid* structure.

You are constantly overworked, underpaid, and

NEVER appreciated.

For every $1 you earn, the owner earns at least $3.  

You are paid from leftovers, and even that is cut in half by taxes.

You rarely get justly-earned raises, bonuses,
or even decent benefits anymore, let alone days off.

There is absolutely NO security!

Your company can go out of business, fire you, or lay you off at any time.

Sound familiar?  

Yes, my friend, it’s called a *JOB*, and it is one

of the worst legal pyramid schemes known to mankind.

If you currently have one of these, you are being scammed every

single day that you show up.

If you are FORCED to work in one of these pyramid schemes

simply because you need a paycheck and nothing more---


If YOU want to control your life, work on YOUR terms and time schedule, and

make YOUR financial dreams come true rather than those of someone else,

you owe it to yourself to click the link below and get involved with our worldwide project:

You only get ONE life, make it worthy!


~Michael Anthony

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