From Zero to $50 million, right before your eyes, Step by Step... (last chance)

Posted on 10-9-2019 at 3:23 PM by mikejanthony

The #1 complaint about my new website ...

Is that I am not charging enough money for it!

Seriously - my fellow marketers keep telling me that my new video series, detailing exactly how I took my online company from Zero to $50 million...

Is drastically under-priced.

And I have to be honest...

I agree with them.

After all, this isn't for newbies or tire kickers.

This is about a real business I grew from scratch.

Heck, the infomercial I created for it with the legendary Larry King is on TV right now as I type this.

This is as real, and as current as it gets.

I wrote a 19 page Microsoft Word document about bad credit...

And morphed it into a book, and membership program that has now sold over $50,000,000 and counting.

Its not every day that someone walks you through their hugely successful business, step by step.

But that's exactly what I'm doing here:

And please note: I am taking the advice of my fellow marketers  and increasing the price in 48 hours.

This isn't false scarcity, or done with some fancy coding.

The price is going up in 48 hours and that's that. Never to return.

The bonuses offered will be gone too.

So if there was ever a time where you wanted to be a fly on the wall while someone built a huge online business right before your eyes...

This is it.

I'll see you there,

Kelly Felix

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