Build an Online Empire in One Week

Posted on 7-12-2019 at 3:44 AM by majormotion

Friends and associates: We Are Joining together in a MULTI-million dollar pool to eliminate Poverty and Leave All Lack Behind!
I hope that when you received the email from Acquisition Alliance that you clicked the link in it to verify your email. Your information is Safe with us and We are just Pleased that you decided to Join.

Activate your position. That's the 1st thing to do. The 2nd thing is if you want to change your user id or password you can do that in your backroom.

After that, you can find your referral link CLICK ON THE SHARE BUTTON AT THE TOP TO COPY YOUR REFERRAL LINK where it says Share on the right top of the page above the scrolling names.
Once you have found that start referring others.

WE ARE KEEPING POSITIONS OPEN FOR YOU BUT You must get your activation in Before Midnight EDT Thursday July, 11, 2019 or risk falling into a lower spot as we begin Payouts after that date.
We also have daily calls Mon-Sat at 1 & 9 pm EDT.
So you can become familiar with our Group! Here is OUR LINK TO JOIN!
Find us on facebook¬if_id=1561143945945448¬if_t=group_activity

If you need Someone to Pay Your Entry Comment by Reply in this link I can find a Sponsor for you!
Some of You have Already Been Activated so Get Ready to Build Your Online Empire With Income Acquisition Alliance!

Get your link out to as many as you know Who are in need of Financial Independence!
It is imperative that Entries are Activated before 12 midnight EDT July 11, 2019 to retain your best position. Otherwise you will be place into a lower position.

Thanks everyone - Enjoy Financial Independence with Income Acquisition

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