The most important news you’ll hear this year

Posted on 7-12-2019 at 2:50 AM by edwardmc


Jack Ma, the richest man in China,
said people should stop worrying that
AI and embrace it: “Instead of increasing
anxiety, we should face up to the trend directly.”

There is wisdom in his words because
the truth is – You are late to the party.
And if you are not using AI right now,
you may get left behind.

The big financial institutions started
using AI years ago to make record profits.
Year after year it seems they beat
last year’s record earnings.

But with success comes imitation.
Which leads to commodification.
Which is what has happened to their AI systems.

When things become a commodity
they get cheaper and become available
to the mass market. It’s when the
average Joe’s finally get to their chance to cash in.

Are you ready to embrace AI like Jack Ma advice and cash in?

To your success,
Edward McKinney

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