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Posted on 4-19-2019 at 12:21 PM by mikejanthony

When I first got involved, with what is now called Onpassive, there were less than 1500 Founders and we did everything by word of mouth and email.  No website or anything like we have today.

But even after I joined, I had absolutely NO intention on telling anyone about this.  I was just content on watching whatever was going to happen over the coming months. 

Then, a funny thing happened.  As a watched, I also learned...and I started to really BELIEVE in what was going on.

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I started to tell people about this project just in regular conversation, not in sales speak or in ad copy.  A few people I talked to about this were also curious and then became interested as well.  Some of them are now currently Founders with me!

I then realized that I should not keep such a special thing to myself, or atleast, what I think is going to be a special thing.

Now, Id like to re-post here for you what a guy, named Marty O., wrote about Ash Mufareh, from having previous experience with him.

Ash Mufareh is OnPassive's creator and CEO. He is its #1 true Founder! The rest of us are partnering up with him!  

Marty's got a previous relationship with Ash going back over a decade. In his own word's, this is why Marty, and his wife Christina, have decided to join forces with Ash Mufareh and the rest of the Founders, currently about 23,100 of them company-wide, in this project...

Begin message from Marty
Hi Folks

I want to share with you why it's in your best interest to get involved 
and become a founder with Ash Mufareh. Here's a little history. Back
on August 4th of 2004, Christina and I joined Global Domains 
International (GDI). That is the first program that we had big success
with, and it changed our life. We still get paid from it every month like 
clockwork. Ash is in our GDI downline, and he still gets paid every
month as well.

Back in the day, GDI had a weekly contest, where we could earn $100
for every 5 people that we signed up, and it would put us on the leader
board. I would consistently sign up a dozen or so each week and it was
great to earn a few hundred extra bucks. BUT, check this out! Ash Mufareh 
was always at the TOP of the leader board, averaging about 80 to 100 sign
ups PER WEEK! I didn't know Ash at that time, but I thought, man, I wish I 
knew what he was doing to put up those kind of numbers. There was a time
in 2008 where Christina and I, as well as a few other leaders were invited to 
go to the GDI home office in Carlsbad California. We all spoke on a GDI
Internet radio station about the company. During that time, we stayed at 
the same hotel as Ash, and we got to know him. Naturally, I asked what
in the world was he doing to build such a large organization. I found out 
he was an IT computer expert. Most of what he told me, just went way
over my head. But I will tell you this... When I found out he was putting 
together his own platform, and I that I had an opportunity to come in as
founder, I instantly joined. There was absolutely no need to analyze it 
to death. I know Ash's capabilities, and smart enough to see a huge
opportunity. I hope that you'll also see it, and not hesitate to join us. 

The water's warm, jump in!
End message from Marty 

OK...Ash Mufareh is also the same man who's team you'd be on, should you decide to become a Founder, which is Team Ash Mufareh.

As a Founder yourself, you'd be pretty close to the top, in terms of our company-wide infinite income Matrix, which is just one of the many things our company is doing to automate your financial freedom.

You'd be only the 4th level down from the top of the Founders, who are already the top 1% of the entire company.  

Our group, in particular, is in the top 5% of the Top 1%! We might even be the top 1% of the Top 1% for all I know.

In any case, this is a very, VERY good position to be in within our group, which is over 10,200 Founders strong, in our group alone!

Yup, our group happens to represent almost half the company's Founder positions!  That is our Team Ash Mufareh, and we are BAD-ASSES! 

...Pure, driven, dyed-in-the-wool, methodical BAD-ASSES!

OK, sorry - I got a little excited there - but for good reason!

But sometimes, I think, "OK, I'm finished emailing anyone else about this. I don't want to pester anyone else! Whoever is in, is IN and I'm going to stop inviting anyone else!"

But then I find, or find out, something interesting that I want to relay incase I have any people on the fence about this, who I know should really be joining us as a Founder, but has not, for whatever reason.

I also know that time is running out - and the day is fast approaching when I will not be able to bring in anymore Founders whether I want to or not!

That's why you are getting this message today, because I sincerely hope you are not one of those people who will miss this incredible opportunity! 

I do not make any money from your paid Founder position and it is 100% guaranteed, so there's absolutely no risk to you!

I just have a true desire to help as many people as I can, and this is how I'm doing it!

So, if you want to be a bad-ass too, then you need to confirm yourself as a PAID Founder as soon as possible, like right now!

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