I'd like to show you something, it's a big insight...

Posted on 4-17-2019 at 5:01 PM by mmelite

We wanted to take some time out, not to tell you about anything 

related to business. 



We wanted to tell you about who we are.

Because what really matters in this business is 

the people you get to work with.


We got started marketing online, both my dad and I, at some low points.


When my dad first got started our famiy was in welfare housing, in someone else's basement apartment.


We didn't have a lot.


And what my dad decided, was that he wanted to change our circumstances.

So what did he do?


Decided to start a business online, through YEARS of struggle, making nothing.

He finally started doing what was right, and was able to develop a 6-figure income.


He made it, and brought his family along with him!


When I got started, I had NO clue what I was doing. No knowledge, no experience.

And I excepted NO help.


It took me 2 years, but eventually at 15/16 I was able to launch my own business.


Both of these stories lead to where we are now.

Because we both, eventually started following the process. 

This exact process, that we teach you.

We want to help set you free, but it has to be up to you.


It must be the decision you make.


You can choose to follow right now, a very simple path, that can set you free


like it already has, for tens of thousands of others...


We wish you the best, no matter what you do.

Thank you, for following along our journey.



With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg

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