Step into your own power

Posted on 4-9-2019 at 1:16 AM by reneesullivan


It's been a while since I've been able to do this, but this weekend I spent some time on my own.


I caught up on some things, but more importantly, I got out in the nice weather. I watched the beauty

around me (people walking dogs, people out on their grass which is beginning to come out, trees,

and the air just appeared to be clearer. (or maybe I'm just started to pay attention more).


I share these with you because this is what I think it's all about... being able to spend our days,

weekends etc. however and wherever we want.


We create our businesses to achieve our own version of complete freedom. Someone subtly

reminded me of that this weekend, and I'm glad this person did.


If you are not on track to creating your version of freedom, I recommend that you listen to this call from a few weeks ago:

Working on my mindset and getting into business for myself is what has set me free from having to answer to a boss, and also people who used to suck up all my time and energy!
If you're ready to step into your own power and live the life you want, then go here:

I'm here to help you!

Renee :)

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