Who would like to start getting $100/$250/$500 payments in bitcoin?

Posted on 2-10-2019 at 9:11 PM by shanzlik

Hi friend,

I am looking for 4 people and I will PIF you in.

Join under my link for free and I will pay you in.

Here is my strategy.  

1. PIF Method - these leaders are using the pay it forward system to perfection.

They only bring on those who are willing to PIF 4 each. This would cost them $10.
The BIG picture is that they actually spend $0 to do it.

How could this be?

Simple. They PIF with $10 - they get paid right back the $10 they used to PIF. Simply Genius.

2. Leaders encourage their team to believe and practice absolute certainty. 

Absolute certainty causes follow through. The entire team feels instant success using the
PIF method then, with this proof, they are grateful and have enough faith to move forward
by upgrading to the next Tier without reservation.

3. The Harvest - $2.50 seed planted - they gave a little by PIF'ing - absolute certainty
kicks in (they got paid $10 right back) - The Harvest Begins.


Pure profits as the system goes viral among the team as Tier 2 on, it's nothing but
profits galore. Then, the process is solidified with more and more absolute certain - which
means upgrades galore as there is now zero doubt on the process, teamwork, strategy, success.

Now as a leader, they know to upgrade before all of this takes place (leaders upgrade
through the entire Stage I from the very start as they want to say ahead of their entire team).
It's just really smart when there is "no doubt" the payoff is coming.

Leaders aren't the only smart people on the team. Many also upgrade as fast as they can
so they don't miss out out on payments either.

The Harvest Fulfilled - super fast upgrades, higher and higher as there is zero doubt (faith),
this works.


Stage II is bombarded with eager upgrades and the abundance of $50/$100/$250/$500 payments
flows with ease and the team simply "goes with the flow".

This is all happening in less than 3 days Steve.

You now have the Exact Blueprint on how leaders are plugin teams in for Getting Paid the Big Bucks!

That's it for now, remember to get you ads up so they can bring ore abundance to your other business(es).

Also, tell your story via submitting your personal testimonial (your team will grow faster
when they see your success in the community).


What are you waiting for?  This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Join me now and get ready for the ride of your life!

To Our Success,

Steve Hanzlik

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