Posted on 1-9-2019 at 10:41 PM by marov

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MyLastBizopp is a team of like minded leaders who take Massive Action and build and Earn together!!!

We have a team marketing system in place that drives quality traffic and generates leads that convert to sales...

and the best part is the Mylastbizopp system gets these sales and gives them to team members.

We also will have marketing training and VIP coops so you can let our team system earn for you while you learn to do this successfully and fast track your earnings.

Now, our current chosen opportunity is Au Ag Metals which is a 2x2 follow me matrix.

Our entry level is a 20 (+ 9 admin fee), that pays 80 when you cycle.
The next level is a 50 matrix (+ 19 admin fee) that pays 200 when you cycle.

Now our recommended team strategy is to enter both these level out of the gate but you join at what ever level you want.

When we cycle we take our earnings and re-purchase at the same level and leverage your earning by upgrading into the next level.

There Is a 200 and 500 level with plans of 1000, 2500 level too!!!!

The best news is the Starter or 20 matrix is in pre - launch and we are securing leaders to get on board early so we secure a priority spot to capitalize on the influx of new members expected to come in the coming weeks

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