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Posted on 12-5-2018 at 8:05 PM by marov

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Program 1) 


Owner: Art Rayburn 30 Years Experience


$250.00 Instant Payments With TruIntegrity

8 Year Old Program

Your Cost: $299.95 One Time Payment

You Earn Unlimited $250.00 Instant Payments Through Our Weekly Mass Group Sign Up

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Program 2) 

$25 1 Up


$35.00 One Time Payment  

$25 1 Up Program/ Low Cost Fast Cash Flow Feeder Program. 

This system does 98% of the work for you.

Your Cost: $35.00 One Time Fee For The Gold Package/ $10.00 Cover Hosting Fee For Your Website 

And $25.00 Is Paid To Your Assigned Sponsor

You Earn $25.00 Instant Payments

Your Products: Pre-written Ads and A marketing system that tracks your downline and does all the selling and telling for you.

You Earn Unlimited Instant $25.00 Payments Using The Marketing System Provided To Share Your Link

Example Pay: 20 Sales Per Week x $25 = $500 Per Week

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C0-op Program

All Members Pay $50.00 Down And $50.00 Per Month To Cover The Daily Cost Of Advertising, Recruiting, And Done For You Sign Ups.

Customized Plan for TruItegrity, $299.95 One Time Payment

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Referred by Mirella Florea

Id: marov

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