Core Beliefs...Do you have them!

Posted on 12-2-2018 at 10:02 PM by davegardner

You gotta believe in the profession!

That is core belief #3 today!

Scroll down and you will see #1 and #2 if you missed them!

Today it's about the profession.

Let's take a moment to really think this out...

-Would you expect to get a paycheck for not showing up?

-Should your boss expect to put a lot of effort into training you
if you are always late or always appear to be lazy and slacking
around and letting others do the work?

-Do you expect to get all your money on the first day?

Guess what...You probably answered a resounding NO to ALL
three of these questions when it comes to having a J/O/B!

So the question then arises, why would you think that building a business
online means you are going to start raking in piles of dough and making
it rain dollar bills the first day or week you show up.

Remember the profession is real.  People are doing this as a full time
profession and while there has been some negativity over the years
associated with things like MLM, or network marketing, many people
are feeding their kids, paying their mortgage, clothing themselves
and taking more vacations than they used to in the past thanks to
their continuous efforts WORKING.

Yes this requires WORK...It's why it's not called Netsleep marketing
or Netlazy Marketing.

You have to have respect for the profession and at the same time have
the belief that if you treat it right and put in an honest effort, then by all
means you have the ability to be extremely successful.

Personally I have been going part time with my business as I am a
full time HS Science teacher and have also coached sports for many
years as well.

It is the negative connotation of the past and people referring to online
or marketing businesses as sche/me or s/cams that have tarneshed
the industry to some point and more than likely it is due to someone
who did not put in the effort, only worked the business for a couple
weeks and then gave up and claimed it did not work.

All the while others are having massive success with the SAME program.

When it comes to only businesses, it's the people who come in
for ONE day sometimes...Yes, one day!  They join, then expect their
back office to be flooded with sales and a downline that explodes.

Yep, just for showing up.  

Right there is lack of respect for the process and not having a true belief
in the profession.

Instead go in with the mindset that it will be hard work for the first couple
months and possibly years.  You will likely see some success along the
path but perhaps not explosive.

When you look back 1, 2 or 5 years later an compare where you are to where
you were...that is where you see how it has truly exploded over time.

Because you knew that it might not happen today.  It might not happen tomorrow
or next month, though you truly knew deep down in your heart that it was going
to happen IF and ONLY IF you:

  • Stuck with the system and helped others
  • Followed the plan and training from the leaders
  • Took continuous action on the business and your knowledgebase

It is these actions that compile together with the basic belief that the profession
is capable of doing so much good in the world in helping people in numerous ways
that will bring you to the success you desire.

If you truly believe in the business as a whole and its capabilities, then make it
and easy choice with a company that has been around for more than 20 years
and knows how to stick with it and help people around the world!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS Tomorrow we wrap it up with talking about how important your own self
belief is in the whole process


Here is Core Belief TWO!

In case you missed part's on the bottom of this email!

  1. Belief in the company
  2. Belief in the product line
  3. Belief in the profession
  4. Belief in yourself

Today it is about the belief in the product line.

Think about life in general...How many things have you learned about that
one of your friends told you about.

Maybe it was a movie or show to watch (binging and Netlflixing!!!) or a new
restaurant to eat at.

Maybe it was a contractor to build your house with or a new superfood
that helped your body in some way.

I am guess there may be many times where someone has told you about
something they believed so much in that they knew it had to be shared.

They had a deep feeling that they could fill you in and it would provide
joy or success to your life.

They post it online and want the whole world to know.

Now on that same front, people can sometimes do the same exact thing
when they absolutely hated how something came out, how it tasted, the
bad service they got or any number of negative things and just right
down your throat telling you all about it as well from every angle.

People seem to get even more fired up about things in those circumstances.

If you are going to work with a company...any should have
a positive belief about the products you are sharing with others.

Personally I think you should be using some, if not most or all of the products
within limits so that you know first hand how they have affected you along with your
teammates and others testing them out to get a larger sampling size to pull
from...but nothing compares to your firsthand response/knowledge to the
product line.

If you hate the's going to be a long struggle to share it and be honest
when talking to others about it.

It can make your life miserable and you should likely research other companies.

If you hate make-up for example, I would not recommend joining a company
that sells it..even if the money is good as people will quickly be able to see
through your false energy and the foundation could crumble (pun intended!)

Be passionate and have a full belief that what you are using or consuming
will have a positive effect on your life.  Whether it is a nutritional supplement,
a cleaning product or insurance, know full well how your product has benefitted
you already and how it could help benefit others in a similar situation as well.

Share videos and footage of your progress with the product and what results
it has brought and don't be afraid to mention other things you are doing on top
of it to make sure the pieces all fit together to people know what to expect.

For example...Protein powder alone will not help me build muscle mass.  I need
to workout, strain the muscle and allow it time to regrow in the course of time.

Be as up front and honest about the products as you can be.  Your clients and
followers will love you for it.  You have to remember that they can likely get
your products anywhere, though they choose to get it from you as they like
working with you and being part of the community with you that exists in the

Let your team and potential clients know as well straight up if you have NOT
tested or sampled a particular product, but back it up by sharing some results
you may have seen from other team members who have used it.

Don't be afraid to use someone else's testimonial as you grow, especially if you
are just starting out and have not had a chance to purchase the whole product line!

Perhaps you are only just interested in ONE piece of the companies offerings
and that is great.  You can micro niche it down and become the expert in that piece
and people joining you can decide if they want more based on their lifestyle.

The company I focus my efforts on has products that connect both the marketing
and fitness niches and I absolutely feel it has something for EVERYONE.

At least EVERYONE who is looking to stay healthy or build a business online
(or some combination of the two!)

You can actually test it out for just $1 right here:

I have seen prove in myself how the fitness and marketing pieces have helped
my life.

I dropped about 10 pounds in weight and then gained muscle mass and
strength on the fitness and health end.

My marketing knowledge has grown (as has my skill set in making videos,
writing emails and creating content) as well since joining the company!

The fact that the company is backed by a 20+ year old technology company
says a lot in this day and age where many companies do not last more than
a few years.

So if you are ready to test out the products yourself...Just click the link above
and you can get started.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS Once you join...just click the Now Lifestyle Product Suite and you
can see the Now Body Sport supplements and workouts on the fitness
end or the Lead Capture system and other tools on the marketing end!


Do you have core beliefs?

I mean deep down values, beliefs, thoughts and ideas that revolve
around what it is you are doing or working on growing?

  1. Belief in the company
  2. Belief in the product line
  3. Belief in the profession
  4. Belief in yourself

They are all important and not believing in one of the 4 could cause
for your demise or lack of success.

Over the next 4 days I am going to dive into each one with my own
perspective on how these can help your exponential growth.

Belief in the company

It does not matter what company you surround yourself with or are going
to invest yourself into as long as you whole heartedly believe it in and it's
vision for a greater good to help people.

That could be helping people achieving succes, learning something new
or getting healthy for example...doesn't really matter.  You just have to
believe that it is a good fit for you, your family and your life.

It should be something you are not ashamed to share on social media
or tell your sweet grandma about...Almost having a sense of pride in
everything they do and stand for.

It is the company you will be with through the end of days as you have
found something you resonate with so deeply that you feel weird when
you miss a training, a workout, or conversation with a group member.

You know the company will always do right in the end...and while there
may be some growing pains along the way (software/tech glitches,
slow release of new products or similar things that can happen to any
business) you know that it will be fixed and patience is expected at

No jumping ship here...instead you know that if you ride out any waves
you will make it safe passage!

You are all in and might even have their mission statement on your
phone, hanging in your office or written on your business cards.

Belief is powerful!

Believing in your company is just the first step towards your continued
growth and progress.

Tomorrow we will hit on the next belief...those of the products!

For now though I leave you with a thought to ponder.

Would it be easier to believe in someone who has just come out
of the woodwork to create a system based on something they just
learned about last week...

...Or believe in someone who has been doing the task and work for
well over 30 years, running the physical business for 20+ years and
has made numerous connections and has a huge following in
the social world?

If the latter is the case, then by all means come join us now here:

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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