Super J's Adventure

Posted on 8-8-2018 at 3:30 AM by Team

Super J is The Most Up-To-Date and Challenging Old School Type Adventure Game!

- Super J Features: 👇

🌟Ability to Fly ( JetPack )

- Super Easy to Play

- Amazing Graphic Designs

- Get Special Super J Power Ups

🌟Play Over 100 Challenging Levels

- Classic Old School Game Play

- Fight Fearless Crazy Aliens

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🌟10 Boss Fights

- Jump and Run Adventure

- Throw and Hit Adventure

- Suitable for All Ages

🌟 Free to Play

😲Warning😲 Every Level Ends With a Final Boss Fight. Do You Have What it Takes to Beat the Big Boss Men and Save Super J's World?

How to Play: ⬅️↕️➡️

Easy Old School Control Buttons Help You to Run, Jump, Throw and Hit Stuff. Collect Gold Coins, Gems and Special Super J Power Ups (JetPack, Ice Ball, Fire Ball exc.) to Help Super J Defeat All of the Crazy Aliens and to Save his World! It's Classic Old School Game Play at It's Best.

Fight Your Way Through 100+ Levels of Crazy Monsters and Aliens. Help Super J Run and Jump Through His World. Climb Up Ladders and Go Down into Tunnels to Collect Bonus Gems and Coins. Find Fireball Power Ups, Ice Ball Power Ups and Even a JetPack That Will Allow You to Fly. Avoid All the Hidden Traps and Destroy All the Crazy Aliens on Your Fun Filled Super Space Adventure.  

🌟Super J's Adventure is a Old School Platform Type Game. Super J is the Most Up-To-Date and Challenging Space Adventure Game that You Will Love to Play for Hours!🌟

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