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Instantly reach more visitors online, and dramatically increase your daily website traffic using our advanced viral traffic system. The Leased Ad Space platform delivers traffic, every single person or business trying to make money online needs website traffic, without traffic your business is dead in the water!

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Affiliate Leaders and Red Diamond Elites™

Our affiliate leaders are the lifeblood of LeasedAdSpace and they help build the backbone of our thriving community! Check out more about our affiliate leaders on our Affiliate Leader Boards Page, and find out about our Red Diamond members and Red Diamond Elite on their dedicated highlight page!

Recent Commissions (more...)

We've paid out $275,384.53 in commissions since we launched in the spring of 2016!


AJ Steve (ajsteve) earned a $71.30 commission on a sale 11 minutes ago!


Audrey Sorg (Audreysorg) earned a $9.88 commission on a sale 1 hour ago!


Travis Breheny (tbreheny) earned a $7.25 commission on a sale 3 hours ago!


Michael Wilkerson (mwilk) earned a $6.59 commission on a sale 5 hours ago!


JOSHUA DOMSKY (JDomsky) earned a $12.37 commission on a sale 1 day ago!

Top Referrers Past 7 Days (more top referrers...)

Our customer database is currently at 32,896 and growing strong!


John Weberg (mmelite) has 9 referrals in the past 7 days!


Dalia Yousef (dalia) has 4 referrals in the past 7 days!


Adam Harris (Trafficwarrior) has 3 referrals in the past 7 days!


Dan Watson (danwatson) has 3 referrals in the past 7 days!


JOSHUA DOMSKY (JDomsky) has 3 referrals in the past 7 days!

Red Diamond Elites™ (more about RDE...)

We have 261 members who are dedicated to success and have upgraded to Red Diamond status! In return they receive prominent placement on our site and dedicated traffic streams that we funnel straight to their pages!


RDE Score: 1550

Anthony Palmer The TruckingMarketer (apalmer)

Hi I'm Anthony a Loving Father From Atlanta, GA, Teaching others to build multiple streams of income from home online! 20 + year Entrepreneur, Affiliate / Internet Marketer, Network Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Ex Volunteer Firefighter / First Responder, Professional Truck Driver, Pro Landscaper...

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CashJuice video update from the creator from Sep 25, 2018


CashJuice is live!
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RDE Score: 1550

Mike J Anthony (mikejanthony)

I am an online entrepreneur from the Atlantic City, NJ area who enjoys affiliate marketing, e-commerce, cooking, movies, reading, travel, playing games, and making money online. I am currently using a system which teaches how and <a href="http://mikejanthony.com/how-to-profit-from-overlooked-amazon-...

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Our AdBoards are our newest killer feature and they're blowing up in the first few weeks of use. They're a unique hybrid between a classified ad and a more traditional link posting system that is getting awesome results for our members! Check out the Main AdBoard Page on LAS right here!

AdBoards are free to use for all members, with a modest click requirement for posting. New members are given credits to start and members owning at least one Ad Pack are given a number of free posts per day indicated in their Ad Pack benefits!

Ad Board Stats


1 D: 115

7 D : 838

30 D : 3417


1 D: 3985

7 D: 38590

30 D: 128040


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traffic packages

All of our traffic packages are one time purchases! No inventory loading and no recurring monthly fees!

For more information and details about our Traffic Packages, see our How it Works for Advertisers page

Pearl Package
Banner Ads
8,000 Impressions
Text Ads
4,000 Impressions
Solo Emails
1 every 28 days
Ad Board Directory Posts
1 free post per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits
Amethyst Package
Banner Ads
12,000 Impressions
Text Ads
6,000 Impressions
Solo Emails
1 every 14 days
Ad Board Directory Posts
2 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits
Emerald Package
Banner Ads
20,000 Impressions
Text Ads
14,000 Impressions
Solo Emails
1 every 9 days
Ad Board Directory Posts
3 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits
Sapphire Package
Banner Ads
24,000 Impressions
Text Ads
16,000 Impressions
Solo Emails
1 every 7 days
Ad Board Directory Posts
4 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits
Ruby Package
Banner Ads
28,000 Impressions
Text Ads
18,000 Impressions
Solo Emails
1 every 5 days
Ad Board Directory Posts
5 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits
Diamond Package
Banner Ads
40,000 Impressions
Text Ads
20,000 Impressions
Solo Emails
1 every 4 days
Ad Board Directory Posts
6 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Addtional posts: 7 credits
Red Diamond Package
Banner Ads
110,000 Impressions Every Month!
Text Ads
60,000 Impressions Every Month
Solo Emails
1 every 48 hours
Ad Board Directory Posts
25 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Addtional posts: 7 credits

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