BitConnect the alternative to BTC

Published by Andrea Panzini — 10-5-2017 at 2:21 PM UTC

What is BitConnect?
BitConnect is a blockchain that uses a bot to do Bitcoin trading in order to have profits.

The BCC is the token (cryptovalue) that is used by the platform, as Bitcoin has its market value, can be mined, or you can do staking (if it retains a stock for a given period and earns a tot of interest ).

Bitconnect is therefore a full-featured crypt, and can be found on

Bitconnect loans and real gains

The passive way to earn on Bitconnect is by means of loans, called LENDING, that we will make Bitconnect in our possession, by which we will get a daily and variable percentage (around 1% of the average).

Depending on the sum of BCCs that we "will" we will get any bonuses that will be added to the daily percentage.

Whatever the sum of the loan, at the end of the term, we will receive back the 100% loan.

The duration of the loans varies according to the amount and ranges from 120 days to 299 days.


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