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Hello and welcome to my personal blog, I am Andrea Panzini, creator of the RBNet network (trusted web site promotion association).

I am an accountant with experience in the field of software systemization on Microsoft operating systems and passion for the marketing world, a decade-long passion; Between courses, practice on the field, joys and sorrows are here to tell you about my achievements!

With the arrival of social in daily life and the development of platforms, we entered into the era of times 2.0.
Today, to go out of the ordinary, it is imperative to understand the web and the opportunities it offers us, but it is difficult! We are constantly attacking sites, emails, and advertising of any kind, so I decided to create this blog: to explain where to go and what to do.

Let yourself mark the road that will lead you to financial freedom, achieving success!
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What are you waiting for? :D

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