Are You An Honorable or Selfish List Member?

Published by Judy Daus — 2-18-2017 at 1:31 AM UTC

This has been bothering me for some time.  

It appears to me that many members of viral
lists and TAE's are just takers.  They fill the site
up with banners, text and never miss sending
a mailing but they never look at any emails or
ads of other members.

A good member takes the time to read some
emails and view a few ads.  

By viewing others ads, you get an idea of
what subject lines get your attention, what
makes a splash page catch your eye.

When you are seen participating on a site
other members are more likely to look at your
next ad.

Participating keeps the site alive and interest-
ing.  I especially like the sites that have jack-
pots in their scripts.  There you see the real
active members.

When I promote a site to get a downline, I
do it for a month at a time and then I think
most people have seen it.

So, today take a look at this mailer by
clicking here

I have a ton of credits to give my downline
so Join Today!

I give credits to active members.  That means
logging in at least once a week and reading

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