This 23 Yr Old Will NEVER Work A Job Again...

Published by Mike J Anthony — 9-7-2017 at 12:09 AM UTC

I wanted to share this post that came in from MOBE Diamond Consultant, Steven Bransfield, to our private Facebook group...

I've been talking about him a lot lately because, not only is he so young at 23, but he's become a source of inspiration for many people, including myself.

He just became the youngest person to ever go over $1,000,000 in commission earnings in MOBE. (Watch video here

So here is his post:

"In the first 210 days of 2017 I made over $1,000,000.

That breaks down to about $4,761 per day, $198 per hour (every hour, even while I sleep), $3.30 per minute…

27 months ago when I first started this journey I could have never imagined it taking off this fast. It feels like I started yesterday…

At first I did this as a matter of necessity. I needed the money – to pay student loans, to help my family, to escape my credit card debt. I was in a deep deep hole and I needed to climb back out.

I used to make $198 in 4 DAYS! ($7 minimum wage x 8 hours = $56 a shift working a regular job). Now as each hour passes, my bank account grows by that amount regardless of what I’m doing.

It’s honestly mind blowing.

Once I made my first $1k, $10k, $20k it became less out of necessity and more of a game for me.

“How can I make more money this week? This month?”


“How can I help others do the same?”

I’ve created dozens of six figure earners along the way. And now the game has shifted for me.

It’s not about how much money **I** can make, but it’s about what kind of impact I can leave. And how many lives I can change.

I want to truly thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. I couldn’t have done it without your support, love, and kindness."

~Steven Bransfield


If there is any doubt in your mind on whether this system works, the story above completely squashes that doubt and knocks it into oblivion.

And that is just 1 person.  There have now been atleast 10 millionaires created by this system in 6 years.

Several more are making 6-figure incomes.  Hundreds more are making 5-figure incomes, and thousands more are making 4-figure incomes each month.

This system has paid out a total of over $100 MILLION dollars to all partners and affiliates combined in the last 6 years!

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Mike J Anthony

MOBE Platinum Consultant


Disclaimer: The earnings stated above are certainly not typical.  Your results can and will vary. The average person makes $0.00.  That's because the average person does zero. With hard work, focus, and commitment, it is very possible that you too could make the kind of high earnings mentioned above and more.

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