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Yo! My name is Mikael Gustavsson and i am OBSESSED with teaching online
entrepreneurs how to build an asset which growes in value forever..


I have no doubts in my mind that Bitcoin will be $100,000 plus per coin over the next 5 years... This is why I have set myself up with the best Bitcoin mining company in the industry. The collaboration that SwissGold Global have with Genesis mining is unique and later this year that relationship becomes even stronger as SwissGold Global look to bring out new products and services.

I have developed my mining power through SGG and now am benefitting from the increase in value of Bitcoin with a totally passive income stream that pays me everyday. I also take full advantage of the affiliate programme that SGG have developed and that pay's me a very nice additional income each month. There is really no better business for anyone to be involved with than SwissGold Global both for its passive income and for its amazing platform that offers the best wealth training the highest quality Gold and Silver and the very best leadership and the most transparent ownership.

This has to be the safest business in the industry with a 10 year track record of success and a business that is working with the very best in industry Genesis Mining.

Can't wait to see what 2018 brings for all its members.

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