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Thank you for visiting this page. My name is Pavlos Manakidis. I am a list building specialist and a list builder myself. Whatever you do, you need to build your list. I am also a fitness addict, so deciding on my main business was pretty easy. I joined NowLifestyle because it combines both of the above and is doing both great. The Sendshark autoresponder is better than most and though in its infant stages, it offers great deliverability because the company actually owns the hardware and is not renting from anyone else as most of of its competitors do. It also offers a fixed price for up to 50,000 subscribers which is amazing. Whoever sign ups to Sendshark autoresponder (or NowLifestyle) will receive one on one list building training for free from me. As for the fitness side, I can honestly say that it is the only company that offers concrete no non-sesnse advice on how to get and stay lean and athletic looking no matter how you look now and that alone is worth a fortune. In addition, NowLifestyle has started a superb quality line of supplements. Yes, you will make money here even if you do not want to. The fitness industry is is a multi-billion industry globally. Moreover, even though you will learn marketing here, if you want to make money fast you can buy guaranteed sign ups and FB leads. This is your real and big chance to make money. Click the first link on the left to try us for 1$. Do not miss out. To a better future, Pavlos Manakidis

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