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Welcome to my blog. I am Pavlos Manakidis I am an attraction marketer and list builder. You need 3 things to build a career and make money online. First, you have to build your list and learn how to make the best use of it. Second, you need to find one or two time proven businesses with transparent financial plans (that means that it should be obvious how and from where they make their money) to join. Avoid anything that looks unreal and is not transparent right away. A business should be around and operating and paying non stop for at least 5 to 10 years. Never join anything newer than that. And third, stick with what you chose for a liftetime. This is the only way anything will work out for you and make you money. Whatever you do, your No1 asset is your reputation. I will never sell you out for my own profit. I promote only elite time proven programs. I use and promote Trafficwave and TOAN under various teams that intrigued my interest and have different philosophies on how to make money. Trafficwave is paying non stop since the year 2000. I also use and promote Wealthy Affiliate. Cutting edge lessons and technology to build a solid business, leveraging the whole internet audience and not just the limited audience of so called 'internet marketers'. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 15 years. Below you will find links to two of my businesses. If you join me at any of my businesses you will be added to my rotator and I will promote for you to build your business. Feel free to contact me if you need to learn how to build your list for any business or any advice how to make your own.

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How Home Based Businesses Use Email Marketing! #trwv #mlm #mlmtips #homebusiness

Published on 1-20-2018 at 11:43 PM UTC by Pavlos Manakidis

How Home Based Businesses Use Email Marketing! 

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How Entertainers Use Email Marketing! #trwv #entertainers #singer #livemusic

Published on 1-17-2018 at 10:38 AM UTC by Pavlos Manakidis

How Entertainers Use Email Marketing! 

#trwv #entertainers #singer #livemusic

Entertainers and Email Marketing 

As an entertainer, you need to be able to quickly communicate with your fan base. 

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