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Welcome to my blog.

I am Pavlos Manakidis

I am an attraction marketer and list builder.
I also do crypto currency mining and trading.

Whatever you do, your No1 asset is your reputation.
I will never sell you out for my own profit.

I am promoting list building and traffic opportunities.
I am currently promoting Trafficwave and TOAN
with the Trafficwave 1K Team.

I have launched my own team under the TW 1K team, called 'Trafficwave eXternal Team'
because we feature additional revolutionary unique characteristics that can not be found anywhere else and you will see below.
You will not see me in the top earners of Trafficwave because
I am the only one who is giving direct sign ups to my downline,
and my active members will do the same to increase our team
retention rate.
I have developed a breakthrough referral allocation system.
No waiting in line forever, and not getting lost promoting in smaller teams.
In addition we are the only team that will have an external income.
We will market Trafficwave to real professionals and businesses.
Nothing like that has been done before.
Please sign up to my capture page by clicking the red link on the left for full details.

Contact me on my FB profile or my main email '' if you are need more info and to discuss your particular needs and also how to build you a legit long term residual income.

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