The Fine Art Of Stacking Your Way to Wealth...

Published by Dan Burnett — 6-16-2017 at 12:04 AM UTC

Stacking?  Just what is it, and how can it help you in your online marketing efforts?

There is an almost unlimited number of ways for creating an additional income for yourself on the internet.  
From product creation, to mentoring and coaching, to providing essential services, and yes, we don't
even want to forget about Affiliate Marketing.

I'm fairly certain that just about anybody would agree that if you truly and sincerely want to make money
online, there is an abundance of ways for you to do it. 

In reality, there are so many different ways that one can quickly become confused and overwhelmed just
trying to figure out which is the best product or service to get started with.  It's one of the major reasons that
there are so many failures when it comes to creating income online.

Everyone is running around trying so many different opportunities all at the same time that they have no time
to sit back to concentrate and focus on any one opportunity.  And when that happens they end up making
money with nothing at all.

But it does not have to be that way...

There really is no reason why a person who is trying to make money online should ever take on so many
offers that they become confused and overwhelmed.  Trying to create income with to many products,
services, and programs all at the same time is NOT the answer to online wealth. 

There is a much better way than just taking the shotgun approach and trying to promote and earn from
several different opportunities all at the same time.  That kind of approach just dilutes all your resources
to a point where nothing is effective, and you just end up making money with nothing at all, instead of
earning with the multiple streams that you were hoping for.

Fortunately there is a sound and proven way that even the newest of online marketers, as well as the
seasoned and well experienced ones can use to greatly insure the success of their marketing efforts.

The proven and highly effective way I'm speaking of is known as "Stacking!"  And when you combine the
Stacking Method with a well organized Marketing System that is design to build down-lines in multiple
programs all at once, you will have a very powerful marketing strategy that can actually insure your
success at earning with multiple streams quickly, all at the same time, without depleting your valuable
resources while doing it.

Stacking is a relatively simple process that involves taking a portion of your earnings from one program and
using them to upgrade, or buy into another program.  Let's say you like programs A, B, and C and want to
earn an income from each of them, but trying to promote them all three at once will put a serious strain on
your time and marketing resources.

Instead of trying to promote all three at once you can join, upgrade, and start promoting Program A.

You focus only on promoting Program A at this point and leave B and C on the shelf for now.

Concentrate on earning enough from Program A at this point to get it to pay for your own upgrade cost in
the program.  Once you have done that the additional income you begin earning from the opportunity
becomes "Cash Flow" that you can use to start putting some money into your own pocket, and also begin
setting a little aside to pay for your upgrade cost in Program B.

Of course once you are earning with program B, you repeat the process with Program C.

By following that "Stacking" process (using income from one program to pay for your upgrade in another) you
can soon be upgraded and earning with all three programs.

However... there is still a draw back to the process described above.  

Even though you are earning income from all three programs, you also now have the expense and time
commitment of promoting and maintaining all three programs.  And while that is still much better than
the buckshot approach to you marketing efforts,  there is still a better way to apply the "Stacking Method"
that can get you much better results sooner, save you tons of time, and do it for much less cost.

Ok, here is where it gets interesting... even though you want to be upgraded and earning with programs A, B,
and C, you do not spend your hard earned money or time trying to promote them.  Instead of trying to
promote all three, you just use all of your resources to promote just one single link...  A link that leads to a
Marketing System.

A Marketing System that not only offers programs A,B, and C as income opportunities, it also provides
training and support to your down-line members so they too can duplicate the whole process themselves,
all without you ever having to do much more than just promote The System yourself.

That's right, you will only need to send traffic to the system, and you will automatically be promoting
programs A, B, and C, because remember... the system contains all three programs.   When you
promote the system you are automatically promoting everything that is contained within it.

Now let's get back to the Stacking Method and how you can apply it here...

When you focus on sending traffic to the system, some of your visitors will see and be interested in programs A, B,
and C.  And like you some will join the programs.  And when they do they will be in your down-lines. 

 But more importantly, some will even upgrade!

That's when the whole "stacking" process begins...

When your down-line members upgrade in a program you Earn A Commission!

The commissions you earn from their upgrade cost should be more than enough to cover the cost of your own
membership fee in program A, plus a little surplus earnings left over.  Which means your membership cost in
program A not only becomes self-liquidating, you can also have excess cash (income) building up too.

And when that happens you are in a position to take part of your earnings from program A and use them to
upgrade in Program B.

You can then take part of your earning from program B and upgrade your membership in program C.  

And as you send more traffic to The System, (not to programs A,B, and C) and more and more of your down-line
members upgrade, this whole stacking process can continue on for as long as you want it to.  The wonderful thing
is that this same Stacking Method can be used by your down-line members too, so the whole process can very
quickly become self sustaining, and will eventually have you earning from multiple streams of income...

All while you promote... Just One Single Link! 

And if you would like so see real live working example of everything
I have mentioned above, just...

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