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Published by Daniel Theiler — 7-13-2017 at 10:48 AM UTC

Hello it`s  Daniel,

Maybe you are familiar with this words.....!?

"You are wasting your time."

" You will lose your hard-earned funds."

" Why not simply get a job and work doggedly up to retirement?"

All of the mentioned above statements were actually made by my family.

The moment I declared I was planning to try online marketing, they freaked out.

You observe, I originate from a conservative background.

Individuals in my family get married, possess two or three kids as well as retire in advancing years.

Just imagine their shock the moment I let them know my plans of financial freedom.

The moment they gave me their thoughts, I needed to stay away from all of them for some time.

I was actually alone for a long period of time.

However, as weeks and months passed, I commenced questioning.

Can I be angry at my dad for intending to protect me? Is it correct to get irritated by my mom for advising me? Should I keep an animosity against my siblings which worry about my future?

Absolutely no.

My family loves me.

They have actually done their best all of these years to take care of me.

Right now they really don't understand what I do, as well as they still want to protect me.

I have actually come to terms with their reactions.

I love all of them, even though they are their usual, stubborn individuals.

This is exactly why I am creating something much bigger than myself.

I get a huge vision for the future and I would like to include my family in this.

For my vision to turn into a reality, I require a vehicle.

A vehicle that will assist me all throughout the whole journey.

And if you are moving forward your personal journey, you have to ensure your vehicle is well-oiled and well prepared for the path.

Discover the vehicle you need right now.


Daniel Theiler

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So, who is Daniel Theiler? That's me ! I am just a guy that is fascinated with technology. And I have a flair for making it work for people. I have been fascinated about technology since I played my first game on the Commodore 64 Computer. Fast forward around 32 years later and here I am. I have worked in companies large and small and also with individual entrepreneurs to help them do tasks better and faster. I help people to earn more money in their businesses. Many times i can help them, to bring in some sort of automation and recurring earnings into their overall strategy. The main focus in my professional daily life has always been to make things easier by automating and simplifying them. I often help people find the missing piece in their venture to generate more revenue on the net. The returns speaks for themselves. I work from home, at my convenience and get to enjoy time with my Son and my Spouse, doing things I prefer to do. Schedule my Day on my own terms. Most of my income now results from Affiliate Marketing and smart Investments in the Forex and Crypto Currency Market. Most of them on Autopilot. Often, persons ask me for advice in their marketing journey or they ask for teaching them something One-on-One. Sometimes they're just stuck on a problem in their business and need to have a push in the right direction. Well, that's one of the things I do. That's only an example of what value means to me. Is it not great if you can rely on someone, the moment your problem or question comes up!? I focus on providing value and helping people. That's how I see life and business, generally. Like one of my favorite Quote of Zig Ziglar says: „You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.“ I work a few hours each day and usually don't work Friday through Monday. This time is usually reserved for my Family. Of course, not a Rule without an Exception. I simply enjoy my life and in my opinion every single Person on this Planet deserves to also have an enjoyable Life. I really hope the past couple pages have delivered you a good idea of who I am. I would love to connect with you. Sincerely, Daniel Theiler Like to know more about me and what i am doing, then feel free to go to my Website: