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Hi.Welcome to My Leasedadspace profile page.I'm 47. married with a 15 yr old daughter.I've Spent the last 20 plus years roofing after 4 yr stint in the Army.I am from philadelphia.I have been online marketing for close to 5 yrs.I specialize in website traffic and tools for getiing your home business up and running..I love to meet new people and share ideas about becoming an elite marketer and earning lots of cash!

One thing I have learned is, It's All about Traffic and more traffic.

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I am constantly testing and looking for the best buyer traffic around .I like good traffic that I can also earn from to pay for it.
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With all the crap traffic being sold online I only promote what I have used and received positive results from.

Thanks for stopping by and may we all prosper and have fun along the way.

Remember you never have enough Traffic sources or a big enough list!

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