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10+ years online in everything from affiliate marketing to ptc,mailers,ect. been burned a few times, and know the ropes on the net. OWN and operate my own, very stable and growing PTC site were you can advertise and even ear. we all know you have to advertise or you wont make anything, so you may as well earn some cash while doing it. I also pay for outside visitors so your add, is always seen, 24/7! If you would like to join a very active and steadily growing adverting PTC , i welcome you. only want serious marketers who are realistic in understanding how things work. I also put together a guide for 0.99, for that you get the workable truth to make some extra cash online as soon as you want to. thats listed here also.

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Earn while adverting your affiliate links!

Published on 2-4-2017 at 4:51 AM UTC by gregory finch

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Once i seen what my $7 got me i said, why not. I am happy and this is a nice tool also.

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