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Published by Carlos Almeida — 11-7-2017 at 3:08 PM UTC

With the public launched scheduled for March 2018, DasCoin is becoming a lot launder and daring when it comes to their "go to market" initiatives, and I am really not surprised.

After all, how many companies out there, can actually show you working systems, even out of those companies that are already trading?

DasCoin is truly setting themselves up for an incredible start on public exchanges, and those, who are taking advantage from the "pre-launch" prices of DasCoin, are here for quite a treat.

And the best part, they are still planning to introduce at least 2 products this year .... and that's just the beginning of what their ecosystem can handle!

If you are still "figuring things out", but want to hear more, get in touch with me and "turn up the pace a little, you don't want to miss out on this month's offer.


Fast………………..   6-second blocks

Scalable............   Capacity of 100,000 transactions per second

Efficient…………..  Consortium structure offers optimal efficiencies

Secure……………..  Fully authentication network, Hardware device required

Interactive……….  Capable of communicating with parallel chains

Responsive………  Evolved governance model

Block Time:

Bitcoin:           10 minutes

Litecoin:          2,5 minutes

Ethereum:       14 seconds

Dascoin:             6 seconds

Transactions per second:

Bitcoin:          3 tps

Ethereum:    20 tps

Paypal:          115 tps

Visa:              2,000 tps

Dascoin:     100,000+ tps

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Carlos Almeida

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