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Published by Carlos Almeida — 7-6-2017 at 2:33 PM UTC

Building the World’s Most Secure Digital Currency

DasCoin is the next step in the evolution of money. By combining the best features of existing money with the benefits of emerging digital currencies, DasCoin has created a hybrid designed to be the world’s first mainstream digital currency.

                                                                                             Why DasCoin?

1. Authenticated network

DasCoin users are authenticated by banking-standard Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

2. Greater Utility

Through DasPay, DasCoin will be accepted at over 60 million merchants worldwide.

3. Better Performance

The DasCoin Blockchain confirms transactions in just 6 seconds, and its governance system allows for the implementation of evolutionary elements.

4. Greater Efficiency

DasCoin’s permissioned blockchain is vastly more efficient than alternatives, allowing for rapid and efficient network expansion.

5. Enhanced Security

The combination of KYC (Know Your Customer) and a proprietary smart-ship enabled hardware wallet makes DasCoin the most secure digital currency available.

6. Greater Liquidity

DasCoin incorporates a variety of elements – including superblocks and access to multiple exchanges – all measures designed to assure liquidity within the system.

7. Robust Ecosystem

DasCoin is the heart of an ecosystem that includes all the functions required to create, hold, and exchange value on a global basis.

8. Broader Adoption

A referral-based incentive system has been built into the ecosystem to ensure the systematic global expansion of the net work.

9. Wider Distribution

DasCoin’s proof-of-value distribution protocol prevents wealth concentration within the currency and assures a much wider and more equitable distribution of coins, which enhances the stability of the system.

10. Full Compliance

DasCoin is structured to comply with emerging regulations focused on digital currencies, including full compliances with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CFT (Combatting Terrorism Financing) requirements.

                                                                          DASCOIN, THE CURRENCY OF TRUST


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How to buy DasCoin? 

You can buy DasCoin buy being invited via a link from the existing members: Carlos Almeida

The coins began to be emitted on 31st of March, 2017. Six months after this date an internal exchange will open.

At this point in time you will be able to begin selling some of your coins. There will be market protections in place for the benefit of everyone in the community. Early 2018 coin will also be available on external exchange.

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My name is Carlos Almeida and I'm a proud member and Advocate of NetLeaders (DasCoin). I use Leased Ad Space (LAS) to help me earn extra income from my home with DasCoin (NetLeaders). DasCoin Can Really Help You Live Your Dream. Some Big Things Are Happening! I want the people, not only the ones directly connected to me, but also some others, to learn about this and have the Opportunity, a Choice, whether you want to be a part of this. Our mission is to bring financial freedom, empowerment and prosperity for everyone. To serve and empower people to give them the opportunity to be involved in the biggest financial revolution of our time. This is my Big Thing and I’m looking forwards to welcome anyone who is directly connected with me, or newcomers, and want to have information about this. Just get in touch with me and I’ll give you all information necessary to get you involved in this great Business Opportunity. This is what I’ve been leading up to. This is everything I’m going to be totally focused on building and developing. The company has fantastic customer support and we don’t deal with things like power lines or complicated compensation plans. This is deadly easy. You can get in this and get yourself set up so easily and it’s a long term system. All over the world we are going to be able to build something HUGE. This is my long term business and my big earner, for me and a lot of members who are ready to get connected. An amazing Business Opportunity with a Huge Compensation Plan. The other great thing, it is a passive earner as well as being able to build a team in a very powerful way. Everyone is going to need something like this. Get in touch with me and I’ll be able to get more information about this. I’m excited about this and I’m looking forwards to work with some keen people on this great opportunity. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Get back with me as soon as you can and I will give you all the info you need to get you setup in helping you build your business with our team. To Your Success, Carlos Almeida