Hacked... but joy at the end of it.

Published by Bruce Rae — 9-1-2017 at 6:22 AM UTC

I recently had a hacker delete what I thought were ALL my WordPress sites.

They simply deleted all the content on Hostgator. Now I hear you say: "Just use the Backups? "

Well there weren't any!  Because I had exceeded my allowed number of files.

16 years of work - gone in a day.

Well you can't imagine my joy when I found that my Blog had escaped this deletion.

Yes it's still there - with all the videos I had made on various aspects of Internet Marketing.

Click here to go and sample what I thought I had lost.


Dr Bruce

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I am an internet marketer and list builder and have been online since around 2003. I have a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and am currently teaching. I have 3 children - one works as a computer programmer in South Africa and one is at University studying Drama and the third is starting on his A-Levels. I have just started working with a Magic Marketing company in addition to LAS. If you want to take a look by CLICKING HERE http://www.WebcastBiz.com/?rd=yb6xpFhN - you can see something about why it is so useful by looking at my current videos.