Leased Ad Space Review

Published by Shaun Price — 7-11-2017 at 8:24 PM UTC

Advertising With Leased Ad Space

LAS is free to join. You only pay for the advertising that you want to purchase.

Advertising traffic packages are available from just $7 to get you started inexpensively.

There are seven different levels of traffic packages that you can purchase, ranging from $7 to $147.

All of the traffic packages are one time purchases, not monthly.

The first advertising package is the Pearl Package. For your one off cost of just $7 you receive:

8,000 banner impressions.

4,000 text ad impressions.

1 solo email ad to all members, every 28 days, forever.

1 permanent text ad in the classified ads directory.

So, for just $7 you get a permanent monthly solo ad and a permanent classified ad for life.

The traffic packages increase in price, in multiples of $10 or $20, until you get to the Diamond Package level.

The Diamond Package will cost you a one time fee of $87. For this you receive:

40,000 banner impressions

20,000 text ad impressions

1 solo email ad every 4 days and

7 permanent text ads in the classified ads directory.

The top level package is the Red Diamond Package. The cost of this package is $147.

For this you receive:

110,000 banner impressions EVERY month

60,000 text ad impressions EVERY month.

1 solo email ad every 2 days.

Unlimited permanent ads in the classified ads directory.

Once you have purchased at the Red Diamond level your text and banner impressions renew monthly for life.

So! A one time purchase of $147 buys you a lifetime of advertising.

Can you beat that?

Making Money With Leased Ad Space

The LAS compensation plan is based on an 8 x 7 matrix.

On your first level in the matrix, the Pearl Package, you will get paid from your first 8 purchasers.

Each of these purchasers pays $7 directly to you, which is a 100% commission.

Your total commissions at this level will be $56.

After that payments spillover to your downline which gives them a business boost and encourages them to stick around and build their own team under you.

On your second level, the Amethyst Package, you will get paid from your first 64 purchasers.

These 64 purchasers pay $17 directly to you, again this is a 100% commission.

Your total earnings at this level will be $1088.

This process repeats through all levels with ever increasing numbers of purchasers and higher and higher payments to you.

At the ultimate level of the pay-plan, the Red Diamond Package, you would be paid $147 directly, on the purchases of up to 2 million people .

Should you aspire to this level your total earnings could exceed $300 million.

Is that likely to happen? In the real world, probably not.

However, a small slice of that $300 million would make you comfortable and secure wouldn't it?

You will receive $147 DIRECTLY from everyone that joins the Red Diamond Package under you.

Just a few new people purchasing this package from you per month would give you a nice extra income stream. Plus you can have unlimited advertising to build your other income streams.

Best wishes

Shaun Price

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