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I'm Whitney and I've been involved in Network Marketing and affiliate marketing for a long time now and I l do love it. I'm glad I joined Leased Ad Space, it's an amazing program and I expect I'll be marketing it for many years to come!


To join now and grab your 100% FREE, no strings attached position on our Leased Ad Space team simply do this...

Go here: http://www.leasedadspace.biz/your-free-team-position

And YOU are all set! I'll see you on the team (FREE) and I'll see YOU at the top too!


Right now, we are building a powerful team in Leased Ad Space (LAS). Whoa! If you've already joined LAS don't bail from this page yet! I checked and a second position is possible, not for you using the original same Payza email address, Bitcoin address or Solid Trust username that you joined under earlier, but a family member, your spouse, your business name etc. can easily join again as long as the Payza email, Bitcoin address, or Solid Trust username as mentioned above is different then your current LAS account.

We are building the team and will be doing so for many years to come. Leased Ad Space has an 8x7 "forced" affiliate matrix and to you that means that everyone that joins though your efforts and ours (and those on your team) "must" be placed below the team members that joined earlier. This is because there can ONLY be 8 people on your (and everyone elses) first level. Join the team today as tomorrow the newest member to join the team will have to join a current member (you) so NOW is the time for you to become a "current team member".

We're a family of online marketers that have been marketing online since 1998, yep, that was back when Google was in beta testing. We work closely with those that join us and we're focused on team building (your team), and this of course includes Leased Ad Space.

Besides owning and managing 26 stand alone web sites, 3 network marketing programs, a blog, and an online newspaper. We are also heavily involved in social media using various accounts to target specific markets, mostly in the "home business" area. We love what we do and we look forward working with you in many online marketing projects in the future.

This is what we're doing now to help YOU and your team grow faster & bigger, read our editorial now for all the details, and all YOUR benefits of joining us today.:


Plus... We recently launched a team marketing site to help YOU and your team grow by funneling new team members into the team and below you and your team, check it out now: www.LeasedAdSpace.Biz

We go BIG in everything we do and we hope you're there to reap the benefits of our well established and already proven online marketing machine. If all you did was join LAS for $7 then go and focus on your main network marketing or affiliate program that's fine, because you're already on your way to success since we will be working for you and your team for many years into the future... Yes, even while you sleep or watch TV. ;)

I look forward to welcoming you to our new Leased Ad Space team and working with you to build your team bigger and better over the coming years. Feel free to email me at: webmaster@leasedadspaceteam.com with any questions that you might have!

Have a great day there!


Whitney Jacqueline and the Jasco Network of Sites

Lotto Magic Team Leader / www.LottoMagicNetwork.com, EPX Body Team Leader / www.EpxBodyTeam.com, Leased Ad Space Team Leader / www.LeasedAdSpace.biz, You Play We Play Team Leader / www.YouPlayWePlay.net

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