The Regalcoin Opportunity - Trading/Lending/Staking

Published by JOSHUA DOMSKY — 10-15-2017 at 12:34 PM UTC

Regalcoin is a new Cryptocurrency that runs on the Dashcoin X11 algorithm. It is a Peer to Peer currency, and has an amazing platform that provides you with the opportunity to make an income in many different ways! Regalcoin is very similar to the Bitconnect coin and is being called the Bitconnect 2.0 in the Cryptocurrency Community! It provides Trading, Staking, Lending, and has a very beneficial Referral and Binary Bonus System! Their ICO (initial coin offering) was very successful, selling over 5 million dollars worth of tokens in about 2 weeks, taking the price of Regalcoin from $0.90 per coin to above $20.00 per coin just 24 hours after it hit the market, and its continuing to reach new heights every day!

Trading - As with any other Cryptocurrency you can buy Regalcoins on an Exchange to short or long term trade with the aim of profiting.

Staking - Staking is as simple as holding on to your Regalcoins in your Desktop Wallet, earning a 10% yearly interest on your holdings.

Lending - You can Lend your Regalcoins to the platform which earns you an average 1.5% interest per day and your initial capital investment is returned to you after 99 days of earning!

Referral & Binary Bonus - Regalcoin has a very generous referral program. They pay 7% for level 1 sign ups, 2% for level 2, and 1% for level 3. To earn referrals you simply need to sign up new members by using your referral link. The platform also offers residual bonuses via a binary set up. A binary structure has an affiliate at the top (yourself), then the first level has 2 positions, the 2nd level has 4 positions, and branches down so on! There’s no limit to how deep the binary system can go. The platform tracks investments made on each side of the binary, left side and right side. As you reach certain milestones, RegalCoin pays you extra bonuses on the funds that have been invested by your binary team. The levels increase until you reach $100,000 of commissions on both sides of your binary, which earns you an additional 5% bonus!

Visa Debit Card - Regalcoin has a Visa Debit Card so you can load your Regalcoin or any of your earnings directly on to your card so you can spend your money anywhere that Visa is accepted, including ATMs and Cash Back.(coming soon)

Joining is free and easy, just sign up using the referral link below. Once you’ve joined up you can choose to participate in any of the options explained above. There's so many different ways to make money! Regal Coin is a great investment, just take a look at how the price of Bitconnect has risen and how successful that platform has been.  RegalCoin is expected to experience the same type of growth and success in a shorter amount of time. So take action and join now, dont wait before its too late!

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