Falconcoin Offers Cryptocurrency Passive Income

Published by JOSHUA DOMSKY — 10-15-2017 at 12:34 PM UTC

If youre a Cryptocurrency lover, and you love making a steady daily passive income, then youre going to love Falconcoin and their Lending & Staking platform! Falconcoin is a new Cryptocurrency that is a Peer to Peer currency like Bitcoin, and has an amazing platform that provides you with the opportunity to make passive income in many different ways! It provides Trading, Staking, Lending, and has a very beneficial Referral Bonus System! They are THE ONLY platform that offers you Aggregated Loans, which is what makes them so unique and different then everyone else. Aggregated loans provide you with a TRUE Compound Interest. They do have an internal exchange where you buy and sell your Falconcoin at, and the entire platform runs flawlessy! You can find Falconcoin on Facebook, Twitter, and also Telegram where you can often chat with the CEO and CSO of Falconcoin, the links to all their Social Media will be in the link below! So come learn more, get involved, take action, and start earning a Cryptocurrency passive income for yourself!!! If you havnt watched any videos yet, go ahead and CLICK HERE to watch one so you have an idea of how things are going to work. Heres four of the different ways you can earn a passive income with Falconcoin!

Trading - As with any other Cryptocurrency you can buy Falconcoin on their Internal Exchange to short or long term trade with the aim of profiting. You can buy FFC at any low point to sell them at a later time when theyre higher in value.

Staking - Staking is as simple as holding on to your Falconcoin in your Wallet, earning you more Falconcoin based on a monthly interest of your holdings. Staking will begin near the end of February and there will be a 48 hour promotion when it starts that will give you double your interest. Complete details in this 2018 Road Map Video.

Lending - You can Lend your Falconcoin to the volatility trading software which earns you an average interest payment of 1% per day paid in USD, and then your initial capital investment is returned to you in USD after 180 days! When you make a loan with Falconcoin they will value each of your FFC at $10.00 per FFC as a special bonus incentive, even though you will pay much less for each of your Falconcoin, learn more about that here. The Lending options are shown below!

Referral Bonus - Falconcoin has a very generous referral program. They pay 7% for level 1 sign ups, 3% for level 2, and 1% for level 3! To earn referrals you simply need to sign up new members by using your referral link. You will earn those percentages based on the Loans that your referrals make. So if your Level 1 referral loans $1,000 to the platform you will get an immediate payout of $70.00 to your USD balance. Stop sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else make moves to get wealthy! Take action, get involved, and get started earning a Crypto Passive Income today!

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